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WeWriteBlogPosts.com is looking for talented writers to produce blog articles for clients of our writing services. This position is for long-term work. This may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for if you want to write for a living from the comfort of your home while also learning very useful blogging SEO skills.

Job details

  • No previous experience required! You will learn everything you require from us. A passion for the written word is all you need to get started.
  • Endless employment opportunities. Need to swiftly make a lot of money? You can request as much work as you like from us. Over $2,500 is the monthly salary for our most productive authors.
  • You are free to work whenever you like. You are not required to work at specific hours. It is only important that you submit your articles on time. And we’ll be happy to provide you the time off you need to take care of personal concerns. This employment, unlike most others, accommodates your schedule.
  •  Develop highly transferable SEO blogging skills. A well-known SEO blogging company (IncomeSchool.com) has granted us a unique permission to incorporate their courses into our training materials. You’ll get paid to learn how to write great blog posts that rank at the top of Google — which looks awesome on your resume.
  • Articles on every imaginable topic. You will constantly be learning new things, and we will try to provide you topics that you will enjoy writing about.
  • Earn money right away. If we authorize you to join our team, you can immediately begin making money. Your first payment might arrive as soon as this week.
  • A two-cent per-word starting payment. This works out to an average of $10–$15 per hour at writer-reported rates of 500–750 words per hour.
  • PayPal payouts every week. You will receive the full amount due because we will cover the fees.
  • Possibilities for growth and promotion. Our business is growing quickly. You’ll have the chance to rise to higher-paying editing and writing positions if you consistently produce quality articles and interact with our staff in an efficient manner.
  • Detailed training and dedicated team support. You’ll receive detailed training videos and documents explaining exactly what you need to do. If you need help, our team will answer all of your questions.
  • Company-supplied Grammarly Premium subscription. This is a great tool for editing any kind of writing, not just blog content. If you don’t have a Grammarly Premium account, we will provide one for free.


  • great writing skills
  • Ability to write a minimum of 3,000 words per week
  • Positive attitude with a willingness to learn
  • Ready to learn highly marketable SEO blogging skills
  • And available to start earning money now


Visit wewriteblogposts.com/apply to submit your application.

Please don’t hesitate to apply even if the job post is a few weeks old because there are many positions available.

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