If you have been earning money through the Amazon Affiliates program, plan to, or are participating in any online affiliate marketing business, you must fully understand the Amazon Bounty program as it is a great way to make passive income.

We’ll go over exactly what it is, why we believe it to be the best marketing program available, how to start using it, and how to make the most of it for you while adhering strictly to Amazon’s policies in this article.

If you are willing to earn some money, then keep reading till the end.

What Is the Amazon Bounty Program?

The bounty program can be easily understood by considering it to be essentially the same arrangement as product recommendations, but only for Amazon services and programs rather than actual things. For example, you receive fixed commissions “bounties” instead of commissions on product sales when a customer activates a free trial or signs up for a program. In essence, the reward program is an extra option to generate affiliate income by directing readers to Amazon services and programs that they might find appealing.

The main distinction, other from the fact that the Bounty program only deals in “virtual” goods like memberships and subscriptions, is that you are compensated a certain amount for each registration or purchase. Additionally, since some of these are exclusively for free trials, you can get compensated without having to ask your consumers to spend a dime!

What’s Included In The Amazon Bounty Program?

The list of items that are included in the Amazon Bounty program is always changing, so it’s important to keep an eye on Amazon’s announcements. But currently, this is the list of items that qualify, along with the fixed amount of money, or reward, you will receive for each person who signs up or registers for the service or trial.

  • Create Amazon Business Account. If you refer others to this program who sign up for Amazon Business Accounts, you are eligible to receive a $15 incentive for each referral. Click here to join program
  • Try Audible Premium Plus and Get Two Free Audiobooks 30-Day Free Trials cost $5, and Direct Gold Membership is $10. Click here to join program
  • Amazon Fresh Free Trial:  Earn $5 for each free trial you send to Amazon Fresh. Click here to access it.
  • Give the Gift of Amazon Prime. Earn a bounty for every purchase driven to the prime gift membership. Click here to access it
  • Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial:  For each 30-day trial you refer to Amazon Prime, you receive $3. Click here to join program
  • Sign up for Personal Shopper by Prime Try before you buy. Get $4 bounty for every eligible Personal Shopper signup. Click here to join program.
  • Create an Amazon wedding registry. When a visitor uses your link to build an Amazon registry, you receive a $3 bonus. Click here to join program
  • Join 30-Day Free Trial for Amazon Family. Get $3 for 30-day Free Trials as a Bonus.  Click here to join program
  • 6-Month Trial of Prime Student.  Earn $3 for each eligible trial signup.  Click here to join program
  • Sign up for Amazon Prime Music. $3 for each visitor that registers for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Music.  Click here to join program
  • Create a baby registry on Amazon and shop there. When a visitor creates a registry. Click here to join program
  • Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial.  $3 is offered for each trial offer.  Click here to join program


It is important to note that the bounty programs above have expiration date, you may not find them inside your account on Amazon when you signup.


How to Start Making Money With Amazon Bounty?

If you haven’t already, you should first sign up as an amazon associate. Otherwise, if you already participate in the Amazon Associates program, you already have an account. If not, just go to the Amazon Associates website and create a free amazon account. If you already have an Amazon account, you can use the same login information or create a different account just for your affiliate activity.

Check out how to earn your first $60 on amazon bounty.

You will be required to provide information throughout the enrollment process, including your name, address, and the details of your payee. The website address where you’ll publish your Affiliate or Bounty links must also be provided. The URLs of your website, blogs, YouTube channel, and social media accounts can all be added.

You must then select your Store ID, which is typically just your company name or website name, and write a brief summary of your website, blog, or channel along with your marketing strategy for the Affiliate or Bounty products. This will also include a succinct explanation of your traffic-generation strategy for your website or YouTube channel.

After completing all of this, you will be required to submit some tax and verification information. This will require details from your dollar account, either from payoneer, paypal or any other source.

Check out how to fill your tax and verification information.

Obtaining the required links for any Bounty products you wish to promote is fairly simple after you have joined the program. Click on promotion then amazon bounty program at the navbar on top or side as the case maybe. You’ll see the different bounty programs, the link and banner that can be placed on your websites.

You can see how easy it is to get started, how easy it is to get the links and banners you need, and how easy it is to make a significant income from promoting these services. And since your followers and visitors won’t necessarily have to pay a single penny, they won’t feel as though you’re trying to push a hard sell on them. It will feel more like you’re doing them a favor, which goes a long way to increasing your conversions.

What Are The Limitations Or Rules Of Using The Amazon Bounty Program?

Similar to the Amazon Associates program, there are a few guidelines you must abide by. You do face the risk of having your Associates account terminated if you break any of these guidelines.

Put affiliate disclaimer

The first is to make sure that you are upfront about your affiliation with Bounty and the fact that you will profit from any sales or sign-ups as a result of consumers hitting your links when using the Bounty links. You may have already noticed that YouTube videos that feature an affiliate link in the description and a promotion of the product in the video must now make this information obvious. This affiliate link disclosure rule has been in place for a while.

Include the affiliate disclosure if you can in the post, the description, and your bio profile if you use social media. In essence, our suggestion is to be explicit. Make everything very explicit so that there is no chance of breaking Amazon’s regulations and being eliminated.

Links must be used in public and accessible networks

Another requirement is that the connections must be posted on open, widely accessible networks. This means that the links cannot be located in a place where accessing them costs money. It must not be placed on Whatsapp has the website link will be untraceable. Peradventure you’ve made money, Amazon pays at the end of the month so there is time to confirm your traffic source. Many accounts get terminated because Amazon cannot link them.

The account must be owned by you

Additionally, you must be the only moderator of the account on which you publish your Bounty links.

In general, you will be alright as long as you are not trying to mislead people, are explicit about what you’re doing, and ask Amazon directly if you’re unsure. Since many of your visitors, followers, or customers are likely to find the Bounty items very appealing and many of them don’t even involve money, you won’t find that abiding by these principles will prevent you from making a sizable profit. Check out how to earn your first $60 on amazon bounty.


When it comes to affiliate marketing, Amazon has always been a key player and a way for practically anyone to generate a reliable income fairly quickly. However, the potential to earn substantially more money, in a far simpler manner, with Amazon Bounty are astounding. This is a highly suggested approach to expand your current affiliate marketing plan or as a first step toward monetizing your website, blog, channel, or social media profile because fixed fee commissions are paid, even when people are merely signing up for trials.

Consider carefully which Bounty goods will help your followers or visitors the most when you take the time to look through all of them. Make it pertinent, and you can’t but see the dollars rolling in.

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