What if I told you that you can easily start making over $1750 weekly? I can see you wowing. While you

are still at that, do you know that COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise?

I guess you are probably saying in your heart if I am okay for unapologetically saying such a thing.

A pandemic that crumbled the world’s economy without batting an eyelid and sent over 120 million people

more into extreme poverty.

Let me not even talk about the number of people that died.

With all these negativities associated with the pandemic, I still had the guts to give it some good credits

as quoted at the inception of this piece.

This is simply because, amidst the downtime, certain people were getting richer. All thanks to the online


The online space was only just a channel for them. They leveraged the knowledge, skills and information

they had to consistently make a good amount of money.

Just like them, you can also start making substantial money online if you are yet to or even create an

additional source of income to the ones you have as the case may be.

What excited me to write this piece for you is the fact that you can start making over $1750 after you leave

this page provided you take the necessary actions that require zero skills and cost.

Isn’t that amazing?

It is (I know right)

The only thing you need is the premium information I am going to give you in a jiffy.

Just follow me…

If you continue to read, I will show you how to make money from CPAGrip affiliate marketing.

Remember, it requires zero skills and costs.

Do chill a little bit so I can tell you what you need to know about CPAGrip and its affiliate marketing


You sure need to know.

Right after that, I will then show you how to make money with CPAGrip affiliate marketing.


What is CPAGrip?

CPAGrip is a top leading and best-reviewed Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate marketing platform for

publishers and advertisers.

Publishers are those who join the platform to make money by earning a certain commission through

promoting offers that are displayed.

On the hand, advertisers pay on the platform to have their offers promoted.

Someone who owns or has access to other people’s products/services that are not displayed on the

CPAGrip platform can still make good money. I will tell you how it can be achieved later on.

Now that we have talked about what CPAGrip, let’s also understand what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where one earns a commission for making sales.

knowing what CPAGrip and affiliate marketing are, it is safe to say that CPAGrip Affiliate Marketing

is a network model where people can leverage the CPA platform to earn money for promoting offers,

products/services that are either displayed or not within the network.

Additionally, some features have made CPAGrip become people’s most preferred choice.

They are;

• Sophisticated monetization tools

• Over 2000 highly converting incentive offers

• Advanced and efficient tracking system

• Up-to-date performance report

• Global and responsive payment system by PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Direct deposit and ACH

• 24/7 support system

Now that you have a full grasp of what CPAGrip Affiliate Marketing is all about, let’s get to the part you

have been yearning for.

How to Make Money from CPAGrip?

If you want to know how to make money from CPAGrip affiliate marketing, then follow me closely

without distraction.

Promoting offers within the platform and utilizing the CPAGrip monetization tools can make you over

$1750 weekly.

Monetization tools like the Content locker, Video locker and URL/File locker are the game changers.


More so, when you refer someone and the person starts using the platform, you stand to make a 5%

commission for life on their income.

Before I explain to you how the monetization tools work, do check out how to make money from CPAGrip

Affiliate Marketing by promoting offers.

I want to believe that you have checked what I asked you to and you can confidently promote offers. For

your obedience, take this bonus! It’s an amazing strategy for promoting offers on CPAGrip

How Does Content Locker Work?

The content locker monetization tool helps you to restrict access to your content.

The readers of your content will have to perform a non-monetary action before they can gain access to

your content.

Such action is in the form of a simple task like filling out a survey, submitting their email address to stand

a chance of winning a prize, downloading an app, etc. as the case may be.

As soon as they successfully perform the required action, the content is automatically unlocked for them

to consume.

Also, you earn a certain commission as a result of the successful action they perform.

The Content locker is very useful for bloggers and content creators. Apart from the earnings, it helps them

build email lists, and grow their website traffic and social media following.

Once your content is of high quality and within a very hot niche, forget it, you have hit a jackpot.

If you own a WordPress website, see how to use the CPAGrip Content Locker.

With what I have explained so far, you have also indirectly learnt how the video locker tool works. It takes

the same approach.

How Does CPAGrip URL/ File Locker Work?

More like what you have in the content locker option, the file locker allows you to restrict access to a file

containing a piece of content.

Let me make it clearer. If you have a valuable e-book or possibly another digital asset you have been

distributing for free, you can convert them into a link and lock it.

For anyone to access that digital asset, in this case, an e-book, the person will have to complete a required

action at no cost to gain access. The moment, the action is completed, you earn some money.


Although the File Locker option has a similitude to that of the Content Locker, there is still a difference.

Whereas Content Locker requires you to integrate it into an existing website, the File Locker option has

its own nicely designed drag and drop templates containing the available offers.

The moment any user completes the offer which is the required action, the user will automatically be sent

to a redirect URL link you have chosen for them to access the content.

If you want to have the File Locker integrated into an existing website, it is possible through iframe. Don’t

worry about the technical terms if you are not familiar with them. Just digest the simple terms and you are

on your way to making money.

What if you don’t own any e-books or other digital assets, can you still earn using the file locker option?

YES, you can.

All you need do is to look out for FREE quality books within a hot niche and use them.

There are lots of free resources out there. Just go on Google and type pdf drive books, follow the link and

navigate through the site to download the book you want for free.

See how to get started with the CPAGrip URL/File Locker

Do you still remember I said earlier that someone who owns or has access to other people’s

products/services that are not displayed on the CPAGrip platform can still make good money right? It is

achievable with the URL/File Locker.


Knowing how to make money from CPAGrip affiliate marketing is one thing and putting what you

know to use is another thing.

I have done my part by showing you the necessary things you need to know to get started, the ball is now

in your court.

Ensure you play and score impressively.

What you have learnt in this piece is just one out of many options for making money online. To know

more about making money online, glue yourself to this platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is CPAGrip legitimate?

CPAGrip is legit any time any day. Its trustworthiness and efficiency over 7 years of operation have placed

it as a top leading Cost-Per-Action (CPA) affiliate network. Countless people have made millions using


2) How does CPAGrip work?

CPAGrip is a top leading cost-per-action (CPA) affiliate network. It works like an affiliate marketing

model where one earns a certain commission for promoting offers.

3) How do you get paid on CPAGrip?

You can get paid on CPAGrip through different payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, Direct

deposit and ACH. You need to make a minimum of $50 before you can be paid.

4) How often does CPAGrip payout?

CPAGrip pays your money into your account every 30 days.

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Do you know you can be making over $1750 weekly with zero skills? A sure bet for it is to know how to

make money with CPAGrip Affiliate Marketing.




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