How to Make Money Publishing Books on


An industry that is rapidly expanding is the self-publishing industry. Authors are

taking control of their careers and artistic endeavours by finding a way around the

labour-intensive, unscrupulous traditional print sector.

With that in mind, do you know that one platform that allows you to self-publish

books is called Amazon Kindle Direct Publish, commonly called Amazon KDP? And

anyone can write books and publish them directly through the Amazon Kindle Direct


Publish (KDP) program. Being user-friendly, Amazon Publishing is a practical way to

earn money online if you consistently produce high-quality materials.

And also, to start publishing, you don’t necessarily need to be a good writer. The

writing process can be outsourced, and you can still profit from the Amazon KDP

program. But I’m guessing you’re curious to know the strategic steps on how you can

make money self-publishing on Amazon KDP? Keep reading, and I’ll run you

through the simple process:

7 Simple Steps to Help You Make Money Self-Publishing on

Amazon KDP

● Know what you want to write about – a stellar topic to draw an audience

● Start writing or Outsource to a content writer with knowledge of the Topic

● Observe the Amazon Rules for Publication to ensure your novel fits Amazon’s


● Register

● Publish and Publish more books!!!

● Focus on writing series to attract more readers

● Employ an excellent and consistent marketing strategy

Know what you want to write about – a stellar topic to draw an


By conducting research, choosing a topic that people would be interested in is the

first step to being successful with Amazon publishing.


Finding out what materials people are looking for on search engines is one way to

conduct topic research. After that, you may find out how many people are searching

for that subject using a free tool like the Keywords Everywhere plug-in for Google

Chrome or another tool.

Also, entering the search term “Amazon Best Sellers” in the search engine is yet

another technique to discover the most lucrative writing themes. Click on the results

when they appear to see the most popular subjects, and then think about coming up

with a piece similar to the best-selling topics.

Start writing or Outsource to a content writer with knowledge of the


Once you’ve identified what topic you’re likely to write on, before you start writing,

you must research more on the topic to ensure you deliver premium content worth

the while of your potential readers.

If you feel frail-minded to start writing, don’t panic. You can outsource the writing to

a ghost content writer who you believe will be good. You can explore several

platforms to ensure you pick one of the best content writers prepared to undergo the


● Fiverr

● Upwork

● Writing Studio

● Verblio

● LinkedIn

● Crowd Content

● WriterAccess

Observe the Amazon Rules for Publication to ensure your novel fits

Amazon’s standard

There are two rules to ensure your book fits into the Amazon standard for the

publication of books. The first is an essential requirement, the latter is at your

discretion, and it’s dependent on your need to achieve optimum success. They are:

● Formatting Rule

● Book Cover Rule

Formatting Rule: Formatting is a significant element of Amazon publishing on the

KDP platform. To get your manuscript accepted for publication on Amazon.

You must adhere to Amazon KDP’s publishing requirements if you want your books

to be available to everyone who uses its platform, whether they visit Amazon on a

Laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Book Cover Rule: Since most people will only ever see your book cover before

reading it, design plays a crucial role in your success or failure as an Amazon

publisher. You must therefore be careful to create your book cover to grab readers’



Therefore, you must be careful with your design to improve your chances of being

discovered on Amazon KDP. Consider hiring a graphics designer from Fiverr or

another freelance marketplace to assist you in creating a beautiful cover if you want

to have a professionally created one.


The next step is for you to register on Amazon KDP. This is a hassle-free process and

takes only a few minutes of your time. Simply enter your email address or phone

number, and select a password. A one-time password (OTP) will be delivered to your

phone or email. You will be directed to a website where you may enter contact

information and payment information and sign a tax form.

Your account will be created once you complete that successfully, and you can start

publishing your first book on Amazon!

Publish and Publish more books!!!

Congratulations, you’ve just signed up and are ready to start making money!

Choose the “bookshelf” tab from your dashboard when logged in. The option to

select the book format you would like to publish will then appear. If you choose an

ebook or paperback, the platform will send you to a form where you may enter the

book’s information. The book’s title, author, and other pertinent data must all be


The site will ask you to enter the required information, submit your ebook, and

afterwards wait for the review process to start.


You need to be consistent in publishing. Why? As more products are marketed,

having more books increases your earnings. Because the Amazon system rewards

consistent publishing, more readers will see your books in suggested parts.

Focus on writing series to attract more readers

When you’ve published your first book, sometimes, you might not get that instant

publicity you want to keep that cash flowing. It’s normal. Even if you publish that

major topic that people are eager to learn about, your book might rank up there. Do

you know why?

Because what makes a book sellable is not just about the content of the book. Sure,

the content has to be great, but the author’s name has a way of swaying the mind of

your readers. And the only way to get your name out there is if you focus on writing

a series that will engage your reader. Why?

If you publish a great first book, readers may buy more books from you as they

continue to want to read the rest of the series. A series also makes it simpler for

readers to become engrossed because they can invest additional time with the plot

and characters.

Because of their increased interest, they may suggest the series to even more friends,

create fan art, buy merchandise, pre-order future books, and take other actions that

dramatically increase sales and draw in new readers.


Employ an excellent and consistent marketing strategy

Finally, effective book marketing will increase your income. This could entail using

your author platform to increase sales or taking part in Amazon’s advertising

initiatives. The three crucial strategies, in my opinion, are:

● Organising literary events and other activities

● offering one-time deals and offers

● Creating ads on social media

And since marketing is an unending process, you’ll need to create a unique and

lasting marketing strategy to draw in more audiences because more people are

equivalent to more money in business.

End Note

Making money publishing books on Amazon is one of the best ways to make money.

And although it takes a lot of initial effort, in the long run, your action would

consistently generate more funds for you, as long as you have implemented the best

marketing strategy.



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