How to make money selling digital products on selar in Nigeria.

Selar is an e-commerce tool that is built for digital creators, those willing to make money without

their knowledge. It has provided an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform where affiliates can

sell their digital product online. On selar individuals are supported to sell their product

internationally. Just create a store there and you instantly have access to over 6 currencies, like

naira, Kenyan shillings, South African rands, Ghanaian cedi, British pounds, and US dollars.

It’s obvious that over 50% of individuals want to earn a side income, and credits are on the

continual rise in exchange for goods and services which has affected prices. What can one do

to earn a side income in Nigeria? As a business owner or a busy mum, whichever side hustle

you want to get into shouldn’t take much of your time or you get involved with it.

So, selling digital products comes in here, everything we live with is now going digital, and

books have been taken over by ebooks, and most physical classes have been replaced by

online courses. The same goes for our music; they are no longer on CDs and tape but in digital

files. One good thing about digital products is that they are very easy and inexpensive to create.

Digital products can be sold a zillion times unlike physical products, they can help you make

money even while sleeping. You can learn what digital product you can sell to earn money.

What are digital products?

Digital products are generally whatever is created and can be sold through a digital channel,

they can’t be touched, but can be seen or even listened to, some people can call them

intangible but it’s of great value.

Here is a list of digital products that may not have any physical attributes, but customers who

buy them can attest that it provides valuable content.

Ebooks: just like physical books but in a digital form, and will be read also in a digital format like

through a tablet, laptop, and lots more. Therefore, everyone can write an ebook, you need not

become a scholar to write one, you just need to write about something you have great

experience for maybe a talent or something you have an interest in. There is a good way to

create an ebook in case you have not done one before.

a. Write a center in an opened google docs or Microsoft word.

b. Then save your written files as a pdf

c. Then using graphic tools like canva design a cover.

d. A mockup should be created using a cover with smart

e. Then create a selar account for free

f. After that log on to selar. co and start making sales

g. Create your new selar account

h. Your pdf can be added to the new selar account.

i. Then finally start marketing your ebook with a mockup.


Online courses: is better than teaching in a classroom, because people now learn new courses

from the comfort of their homes. An online course helps one use expertise to make money, by

sharing your knowledge with people who may be interested. To create a successful online

course all you need is;

a. Be sure to test your knowledge

b. The right subject matter should be selected properly.

c. A course outline must be written

d. Research extensively on the topic

e. Course flier must be created on canva

f. Subscribe to the pro plan of selar, then launch your course on selar

g. Market your course online

Digital graphics and templates: custom or editable templates can be created to sell.

Reasons, why you should sell digital products, are;

● It’s so low to no cost for creation: to create a digital product you need almost nothing

to use, unlike a physical product business, where an inventory is needed so the

business can start.

● It has a high-profit margin: more profits are placed on digital products compared to

physical products, the reason is that it is sold at a higher profit margin. One good thing

with digital products is that as sales improve no money is needed to buy more products.

● Shipping of products is not needed: to ship goods into a country like Nigeria we all

know that it is quite stressful to add to it people don’t like paying shipping fees. But with

digital products such things like logistics shouldn’t be an issue, just send the download

link to those that bought the product, if they can’t download it instantly when they pay

just like using a selar platform like selar. co

● Selling Digital products is very good for a side hustle: it’s advisable that even if you

have a full-time job or that you are always busy and need a side hustle then digital

products are the best model you can go for to earn more money in Nigeria. Because

there are digital products that can be sold online and fetch you money without you being


How to make money selling digital products on selar in Nigeria.

Saler is an amazing platform that allows or enables creators of digital products in Nigeria to host

their courses in such a way that they can accept both local and international products. They can

also successfully launch their courses on a good platform.

On selar, you can easily navigate, and free features are available there. Even some ebooks

and other courses launched outside selar can be sold for free on selar.

Importance of using selar


● International payments can be received from over 5 different currencies.

● Once customers make a purchase they immediately get access to the product.

● With selar, you can add physical products easily

● It’s very easy to use selar, for the creator and customers when they want to buy


Some unique features of selar

1. You can set up your custom brand domain for instance it can be

2. With selar, you can set up your affiliate marketing system, and a commission will be

given to anyone that makes the sale of your product sell fast.

3. Custom sales or landing pages for a product can be created, and that descriptive sales

page gains more conversion.

4. All customer information can be managed directly on your dashboard, emails can be

sent with its CRM just from your dashboard to customers.

5. With more than 8 currencies payment can still be done with selar, not just that your

currencies can make more sales and also generate funds that will get back to your local


6. More values are to be extracted from your customers with products for upselling likewise

cross-sells. Also, products buyers are interested in can be recommended and let them

know about the recently bought product.

Selar pricing

For every successful payment made on selar, the prices differ by currency. Note, that no

subscription fees are attached.

● UGX: 6% + USh 500

● NGN: 4% + ₦ 50

● USD: 10% + 50¢

● GHS: 5% + GH¢ 1

● KES: 5% + 20Ksh

● GBP: 10% + 50p

● ZAR: 6% + R 2

On selar, there are ways individuals are paid, once a sale is made the money gets to the owner

depending on which currency they use. For naira, it’s sent directly to your bank account the day

after the transaction. For GHS, KES, and ZAR transactions, your money will be dropped in your

selar account 4 days after the transaction. Finally, for the USD and GBP transactions, get their

funds at the end of each month. It’s good to know that the funds in your wallet can still be

withdrawn to your bank account.




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