You can make quick and easy money just by self-publishing your book on

Amazon KDP. And, no, you don’t need to go through the stress of writing

a full-blown book.

Amazon’s low-content book is an easy way to create a book you can sell.

Just like the name goes, you will need to write little or no content before

putting it for sale.

And they sell well. Examples include journals, logbooks, composition

books, sketchbooks, sheet music books, etc.


This simply means that your customer will be the one to fill these booklets

rather than you. Creating a stunning cover is the most crucial step in

producing one of these books.

The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to bother about printing and

shipping all of these books, which is a wonderful thing.

All you need to do using the self-publishing platform, is to upload your

work and Amazon will take care of the rest.

Amazon handles all the printing and shipping, and it deducts the associated

costs from your royalty payment.

Remember that it will take some time and effort before you can start

making money from selling low-content books on Amazon KDP.

What Is Amazon KDP?


Kindle Direct Publishing is sometimes referred to as Amazon KDP. KDP

manages hardcover and paperback books as well as digital publications like

ebooks and kindles. The platform was previously referred to as

CreateSpace, but now the service is all managed by KDP.

Why Amazon?

According to reports, Amazon essentially has no rivals in the bookselling

industry. They are known to be the biggest in the game.

Following a survey of over 2000+ customers, 89 percent of consumers say

that they are more likely to purchase goods from Amazon than from other

e-commerce websites.

For the US market in February 2017, Amazon sold 83.3% of all ebooks.


Amazon’s market share for the UK was 87.9%.

It was 57.2% for the Canadian market.

How to get started making your own low-content


To get started making money through Amazon KDP low content books,

you will need the internet and a computer.

Then you will need to sign up on the Amazon Kindle platform. After this is

done, the main part is just starting.

You will need to do four things before you start making money on

Amazon KDP. This includes, finding an idea, research, design, and


1. Idea

Every product starts with an idea; the inspiration is everywhere. You can

use BookBolt to check out some already made low-content books on

Amazon KDP.

It is advisable to start with something easy like a notebook or a sketchbook.

In this manner, you can engage in the procedure without worrying

excessively about the interior and design.


You should also be thinking for ideas for a cover design. It could be plain,

be a cover of flowers or animals, or maybe be an animal skin.

Your book’s cover design is the most crucial part, so make sure it’s one that

people are eagerly looking to purchase.

2. Research

This will be broken down into two parts: keyword research and competition


Keyword research

Before creating a low-content book, you must conduct keyword research.

There are a couple of methods for conducting keyword research.

The simplest method to get started is to just visit Amazon and enter your

design ideas. As you continue to type, you’ll see suggestions for searches

from Amazon appear below.

These are the searches that Amazon has determined to be the most popular.

Therefore, keep these keywords in mind when you create your low-content



Employing a Chrome extension to acquire more information is another way

to advance this.

You can also make use of a Chrome extension, KDP Spy, but you’ll need

BookBolt to use it.

The nicest thing about using a Chrome extension to conduct keyword

research is that it allows you to better understand the search volume for

each keyword you might aim to have your book rank for.

Research your competition

Researching your competition is a further crucial step. You will need to

search the keywords that Amazon gave you; doing so will give you a good

notion of the level of competition in your way.

When you enter a keyword and many results appear, you can tell there is a

lot of competition.

After entering the keyword and reviewing your competition, you should

determine how popular the item is. Fortunately, there are a few options for

doing this.

Examining the reviews is the quickest and simplest method. The majority of

the books which are receiving several reviews, indicates that many people

are purchasing them.

Additionally, make sure to look at each book’s Best Seller Rank (BSR). A

Chrome addon called Helium 10 displays each book’s BSR and the

categories in which it ranks.

By simply glancing at the number, it might be difficult to determine how

good the BSR is. You can use TCK Publishing for this. It is a free online BSR

calculator that will help you determine how many books are sold each


If you believe there is room within that keyword for your book to rank and

begin bringing in sales then what are you waiting for.


Make sure to save at least seven of the best keywords, your book could rank

for once you’ve done some research and identified them. Later on, you

would use those.

Design your book’s cover

For that low-content book you’ll be selling, you’ll need to create a cover.

BookBolt and Canva are your best options for this process.

With BookBolt, you have access to almost everything you’ll require to

launch your KDP business.

After the free three-day trial period, it costs a few dollars per month to use

the platform.

You can also use Canva. Canva is one of the most popular design tools.

Although BookBolt includes all the fundamental design capabilities you

want, it is advisable that you check out Canva if you really want to create

stunning and professional low content books.

You’ll need to have a keen eye for the design process. Observe your

competitors once more to determine which designs are selling the best and

take inspiration from those.

Alternately, think of creating something even more inventive that you

believe the market is lacking.

Trim size and page count are the two factors you should focus on the most

when designing your cover. You’ll follow these rules to determine your

book’s dimensions.

Using BookBolt can help you easily design the book cover, but it’s not so

simple for Canva.

You can start by using BookBolt to get a design template, from which you

can determine the PDF’s dimensions, and then use those dimensions to

make a unique design in Canva.


Designing low content books for Amazon might be challenging when you

initially start out.

That’s why using BookBolt would be feasible as a beginnerbecausebeginner

because you won’t have to worry about whether you have the right size or


Make sure to include some text on the cover of your content books when

designing them for Amazon, even if it just reads “Journal” or something


Books with no words on the cover are no longer accepted by Amazon KDP,

not even those with little content. Therefore, if you create a pretty diary

with flowers, make sure the cover has a message.

Once your cover is complete, save it as a PDF, print before beginning the


Design your book’s interior

BookBolt is still a preferable option for this section.

You can choose from a ton of fantastic interiors on BookBolt; all you need

to do is enter the specifics of your trim size and page count to get the

precise number of pages your book requires.

Alternately, you can use Canva to create these pages on your own. Make

sure your pages are the proper size, and avoid placing anything too close to

the edge.

Make sure to save the interior of your book as a PDF print once you’re done

creating it or have downloaded it from BookBolt. Your cover and interior

should ideally be saved as PDFs.

Once the design process is over, it’s time to put everything together and

publish on your Amazon Kindle account.



Once your book is ready, you will need to upload it on the kindle platform.

You click on “Create’ and further click on the “Paperback” option on your


After that, you will need to fill in the empty boxes on your screen. The next

step is to upload your manuscript and your book cover.

You will have to run the previewer before publishing your book to ensure

that it appears good and doesn’t go over the margins.

You will need to be patient as it can take a while for Amazon to display the

book preview.


Press “Approve” when you are pleased and satisfied with the way your book

turned out.

If things didn’t turn out as you had wanted, simply go back, make a few

minor design changes, and then re-upload the file. Once it has been re-

uploaded, you must run the previewer once more before approving it if

you’re happy with it.

Amazon will need to approve your book before it is placed on the shelf. It

will take some days or weeks before you get a confirmation email.



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