Earning Money has surpassed the usual 9-5 daily and has gone digital. With a mobile

phone, you can sit in the comfort of your home and make money. Fortunately YOUTUBE

has made that very possible. In this article, I am going to guide you on some easy steps

to know how to start a YouTube channel that makes money. TABLE OF CONTENTS

Create a YouTube channel

Join YouTube partner program

Identify your merchandise

Make Media buy your contents

Become an Affiliated partner

Create a YouTube channel

The first step to create a YouTube channel is to create a Google account because

YouTube is owned by Google i.e it is a Google app. Once this Google account is created, it automatically links to every Google app which includes YouTube so you can go ahead

to create your channel and pick channel name before moving to the YouTube studio

where you can upload your video, monitor the statistics of the video as well. Join YouTube Partner Program

Being eligible to join the YouTube partner’s program you have to click on the

monetization area on your dashboard of the YouTube studio. There you can know if

you’re eligible or not, if you are not which is most likely as a beginner, you have to grow

your YouTube page to gain about a thousand subscribers to be eligible

If you are, then you’re on the road to success because the YouTube partner program

offers special features for youtubers, it is not the only way to make money but the

easiest. It offers YouTube premium subscription that is if a youtuber premium subscriber watches a video you uploaded you get a percentage of their subscription fee. It also gives you the opportunity to let your subscribers pay to get their messages

highlighted in your live chats. For all of these to happen you have to be above eighteen. Create sponsored contents

This is another effective way of making money on YouTube. You just need to

approach brands and negotiate a price with them to grow their brand or product. The biggest advantage about this way is that YouTube does not get a cut of your

earnings because you are speaking directly to the brand and YouTube is just a

platform for avertisement. All you need is to do a sponsored ad and maintain Google ad policies, YouTube

already has a feature to show your audience the video is for advertisement or a

sponsored ad you will see a ‘paid promotion’ at the bottom of the video. Make Media buy your contents

This way can mostly work when you have enough subscribers on your channel

also when you create a very eye catching content that could attract the interest

of the Media houses. The media houses are aware of the repercussions of using

copyrighted videos without making payments or asking for permissions and if

the video is at a premium they most likely would buy it from you. For you to license your most successful work to media houses you need to

always update contact details on your page or when describing a video being

posted. It could be your email or phone number, Which enables anyone who

wants to buy to reach you formally and negotiate. You could also sign up to a video rights market place. Become an Affiliate partner

This is just like creating sponsored ads. Brands can reach out to you or you can

reach out to brands and negotiate prices to promote their products. In your

YouTube videos, you could encourage brands to visit the business you are



First you have to generate affiliate links and when that is done, you paste the

links in the description of the video you are trying to upload. Once your video is watched, it takes your viewers straight to the website of the

brand you are marketing, there, they buy and you get your commission


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