How to Make Money With Amazon KDP Low Content Books.


Have you considered a career as a writer, like great authors who produce novels of enormous length and have impeccable language and spelling? Okay, I have some wonderful news to share with you. You may now make money selling books with no content by using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon’s print-on-demand service. Unlike traditional forms of self-publishing, this method does not necessitate creating original work.

Selling low-content books on Amazon KDP is a wonderful concept, especially considering the low barrier to entry. Furthermore, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. It just takes a few hours to design an entire book from scratch, and you may earn by selling it under a different name and with different content. When using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) technology, an author has to upload their work for publication; Amazon will handle the rest of the process. From printing to shipping, Amazon handles everything, and the costs are deducted from your revenue.

Do you believe Amazon’s KDP short books will be a success? Then read this piece attentively because it will tell you exactly what you need to do to achieve that goal.

What Is Amazon KDP?

On the Amazon website, KDP stands for “Kindle Direct Publishing.” KDP isn’t just for e-books; it also handles print releases like paperbacks (paperback and hardcover). Long-time Amazon users may recognize this feature from when it was known as Create Space. Everything is now under the control of the KDP.

You may print copies of your books using KDP. This strategy’s publications benefit substantially include guided notebooks, calendars, and composition books. By founding a KDP company, authors may publish their works independently of a publishing firm while maintaining control over their sales channels and income.

For short, in KDP’s services, your books on KDP will not be produced until someone places an order. This is fantastic news for you as a writer since it relieves you of the burden of storage and inventory.


What are Low-Content Books?

A low-content book is a book with little or no content. A low-content book is one your customer rather than you fill up. The most important aspect of creating one of these books is designing a fantastic cover. “How can these books sell if there’s hardly anything inside?” you might think. They are rather popular. Here are some examples of low-content books on the market:


Composition books


Guest books

Coloring books

To-do list books



Blank Sheet music notebooks

A low-content book will frequently feature simply a few page layouts that are reused. Something like a weekly calendar, with only the date changing. It’s low-content since publishing the book doesn’t require much writing or other creative activity. Books with no text are simply blank pages copied and pasted repeatedly.

Do Low-Content Books Sell on Amazon?

Yes, that is the most effective way to move books with little substance. Amazon can print books on demand using its Kindle Direct Publishing technology. When you publish using Amazon KDP, Amazon will handle everything from book production and delivery to customer service inquiries. After deducting manufacturing expenses, the author receives more than half of the book’s advertised price. If you ever want to write a book, you might utilize the same technique.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Low-Content Books on Amazon?

Amazon may not require that you pay to sell books with little or no content. You will not be required to pay anything in advance since the cost of printing and shipping will be deducted from the book’s final selling price. It all comes down to the number of pages, and the type of ink used when calculating printing costs. When you publish a book through Amazon KDP, it becomes immediately accessible for purchase on the Amazon website.

Amazon KDP lets you see your potential earnings per sale before publishing your book. Remember that setting pricing that is competitive with other books on the Amazon marketplace can increase sales.

How to Create and Upload Your Low Content Books to KDP

If you’re ready to sell low-content books on Amazon, you’ll need to have a few things ready. The main things to get started are:

Amazon KDP account.

No Content or Low Content interior pages for your books as a PDF.

Artwork or designs for your book cover.

Amazon KDP Account

First, submit your Author information. You need a few bits of information to complete the process, such as your name, country, phone number, and address. Keep in mind that this must be your actual data. You will not be able to access your account’s royalties if you do not.

To proceed, you must finish the payment component of the account. Please insert your financial details in this field. Any collected royalties from your account will be sent straight into your bank account by KDP. One for each location is emailed to you once a month, and it’s always good to see money like that trickling into your bank account.

The final step is to complete the tax interview. Indicate whether your nation has a tax treaty with the United States since this will influence whether any of your royalty payments are withheld.

Please answer all questions honestly and sign the form once completed. Every box will be marked in bright green when you’re through with this step. This indicates that the operation is finished.

After creating an account, the following steps have to be taken:

Decide Which Kind of Book You Want to Make

The first step in writing a book with minimum material is choosing what kind of book you want to create. What you decide to generate will inform your design, keywords, and other aspects of your production. So many different options make it hard to settle on just one favorite kind of reading material. Conduct some preliminary research after deciding the content you wish to produce. It would help if you were sure this is a viable prospect for making a sale.

Do Your Research and Gather Keywords

This is when your knowledge of keyword research comes in helpful. The success of a low-content book is only as good as its visibility, and the only way to optimize exposure is to rank for the right keywords.

Artwork or Designs for Your Book Cover

Your KDP business account has been created, and you can begin publishing books right away. However, cover designs are required to launch a low-content publishing company. If you don’t already have any, you’ll need to make some or hire experienced graphic designers to produce them for you. However, because the concepts are so simple, it makes sense to carry them out yourself. You may do this using Canva or the Book Bolt. Book Bolt is your one-stop shop for Amazon KDP services. Book Bolt can be used for;

Conduct Keyword Research

Receiving Sales Rank Data

Finding Awesome Cover Templates

Customer-driven research that helps you make the best decision possible every time.

The title on the cover must match the title in your book’s KDP edition. The spine must have the book’s title if you provide a cover without text. Depending on the number of pages in the book you’re downloading, scale the cover-up or down. Adding additional pages leads to a thicker spine, which may alter the book’s appearance if you’re not careful. It is also essential that you can conduct basic keyword research to ensure that the designs you generate are in demand. It is futile to print periodicals on dull themes. First and foremost, do your homework and devise a strategy.

Create No Content or Low Content Interior Pages

You may now submit the cover to KDP, leaving only the interior to be published. Aside from offering something distinctive, the interior design of your business may set you apart from the competitors. Make a new category for interior design. Create your inside template with Microsoft Word, or use the book bolt.

How to Sell Low-Content Books on Amazon

The most appealing feature of selling low-content books on Amazon is its straightforwardness. This might be because Amazon already has a consumer base known as the Amazon marketplace. Here are some strategies for selling low-content books on Amazon:

Conduct keyword research. Book Bolt can assist you with this by providing relevant keywords. This will assist your book in selling on autopilot.

Profit from trends, phrases, and memes. You may take advantage of this and make a lot of money.

Build your platform. If you have a blog, a YouTube channel, or are active on social media, you may use them to advertise your book.

Write more novels. The more novels you create, the better you will become and the more likely you will be to sell them.


The market is becoming crowded as more people publish low-quality books on Amazon, but there is still plenty of room for you to succeed. So long as you conduct keyword research and work hard to create distinctive, eye-catching images. This will need some effort and time on your part. It is a commercial venture that necessitates business knowledge.




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